It’s Saturday guys! We actually made it!

If your weekend is anything like mine, it’s busy, chaotic, and full of tasks to conquer. Over here, we’ll be helping family paint their new dining room, taking the kids for a hike, celebrating a friend’s birthday, building a robot with my son, and working on the dream house. But before any of that begins, I just had to share this awesome, mood-boosting deal with you guys . It’s running this weekend ONLY!

Be The Good Gear On Sale

One of my favorite websites,, is having a deal this weekend only for their ultimate feel-good line. Everything from hats and jewelry to bags and t-shirts is 40% OFF. That makes the hat and bracelets under $15, necklace and tees under $17.

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It’s a great deal with an amazing reminder for each day!

Be The Good Gear

I loved taking these photos and snuggling with my kids. Growing up, I never planned on having kids. Honestly, I was never, ever, ever going to get married or have kids. I was always happiest in a relationship, but I never saw myself as a mother. That’s when my son entered my world. He flipped everything upside down and changed every single aspect of my life. Then, I met my husband and fell in love with his two daughters almost immediately. After we were married, we had baby Zoe.

So, in a course of 3 years, I went from “never having kids” to being married with 3. Just awhile later, I’m waking up early to write blog posts because our fourth kid is an early-riser. It’s incredible how life unfolds and the experiences and story you create for yourself. I am a completely different person now that who I set out to be but I can also confidently say, I’m better.

Be The Good Do The Good

These kids push me to my limit and teach me more than I ever expected. I know every mom says that but I promise it’s true. They have taught me patience, resilience, organization, prioritization, and in consciously being a good example to them, I am a better person overall. Yes, it’s exhausting and busy, but now I don’t see myself without them.

The cutest Be The Good HatBe The Good. A family outing with my daughter

I think it goes without saying that we want to raise incredible, responsible kids. I want to raise kids that go out into the world and really make a positive change. While each kid is different and we need to alter how we teach each one, here are a few things we do at our house to teach our kids to Be The Good.

Small Acts Of Kindness

As an adult, I always want to do more. I want to help more people, do more good, and make somebody’s life better every day. The feeling you get when you do good is absolutely euphoric and I want my kids to experience it as much of it as possible. Jon and I have brought all the kids to homeless shelters to help serve food together on the weekend, picked up trash from the park, made stockings for the children’s hospital, and done little things like write the grandparents letters. Small acts of kindness can make a massive impact on someone’s day and the kids love it too.

Teach Them Financial Responsibility

At our house, we pay allowance weekly, have a family game night, and then Jon takes the kids out to coffee before school the next morning. Each kid comes to the table with 3 glass jars when pay day rolls around. One is labeled, “For My Future” one is “For Somebody Else’s Future” and one is “For What I Want.” As we pay allowance. the kids put 20% into their own savings, donate 20% to their charity of choice, and keep the rest for spending. When kids learn to save from childhood, they have much brighter futures and totally avoid a lot of the problems I’ve had in learning to budget and prioritize my finances. This process has also been pretty incredible to see what the kids want to support in a charity. One has picked the Humane Society, one gives to the homeless, and one is “saving up for something big.”

Get Moving

When I was pregnant with Zoe, my heart starting having such complications that I got surgery when she was 6 weeks old. Today, I see a cardiologist regularly and have cauterized pieces inside my heart so it functions properly. While having heart disease is a genetic inconvenience now, I’m grateful for what it has taught me about making my health a priority. Today, we are an active family and I have so much more energy to keep up with my kids. I’m a happier person, get overwhelmed less, and feel less anxious when I’m consistently working out.

Be The Good Hat by Cents of Style

I think one of the hugest parts of self-improvement is constant action. By surrounding yourself with cute, gentle reminders it can only help right? This cute line is such an awesome reminder to make each day better. Not just to see the good, to actually get up and be a part of it.

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