Paisley Blue Skort Jumpsuit. The perfect women's outfit idea

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Last night, I was sitting on my front porch enjoying a glass of wine with Jon when I realized summer is actually coming to an end. How has this year slipped by so fast! Sometimes it feels like between my never-ending to-do list and my kids, it’s no wonder time escapes me. Regardless, it’s so important to take the quiet moments with the people you love and reflect on all that good this summer has brought thus far.

As a blogger, this year was the start of an entirely new journey for me. When I started Lip Stain & Legos, I wanted a creative space to share the craft projects I did with my kids. Seeing what you guys liked and responded to is ultimately what lead me to this creative fashion blog. I keep feeling like I should rename it….. but that’s another topic for another day.

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Before I started blogging full time I ran a small clothing label. I absolutely loved it and still get so excited about creating the perfect piece, but blogging has proven to take far less equipment, staff, and gives me the flexible schedule to spend the quality time I need with my kids while they’re still little.

Last night, as I sat on the porch and took in the sunset, I reflecting on what I have learned as a fashion designer and creative style blogger about the future of design. It’s been such an incredible journey to see so many aspects of the industry firsthand. It’s amazing to see all the work that goes into each detail from the actual pattern and production to marketing and sales. While the future of design is unpredictable and nobody ever knows for sure, here are some thoughts I have on where the future will take us.

The More Personal Experience


With huge companies like Etsy and the release of Amazon Handmade, custom clothing can tell a story like never before and gives small brands a chance to be seen. The major benefit in shopping with a smaller brand is the personal experience. You can often get hemlines shortened or lengthened, sleeves customized, and the fit tailored for much less since the item is already being made specifically for you. Plus, you are working directly with an artist who is passionate about giving you something you’ll love for years to come. When you send the brand an email, you get a real response from an actual person and the customer service is often exceptional.

Since the platforms that create these relationships are growing so consistently, I think bigger brands will take notice even more than they are now as the years pass. It’s common to find mom and pop shops that have moved on to design a line for larger chains, but I can see new forms of collaborations developing too. As customers want a more personal shopping experience and want to know exactly where each item came from, transparency and ethics will come to the forefront more and more.

Paisley Blue Skort Jumpsuit. The perfect summer fashion idea

Customized Pieces For Less

It’s crazy to think that about a hundred years ago, the average woman’s wardrobe was very limited and sparse. We each had just a few pieces, were expected to mend and alter our own clothes, wash them by hand, and take only what was expected of us in work, home, and fashion. Wearing anything other than a dress was viewed as vulgar and we allowed society to tell us exactly what we should look like.  A small handful of designers released new fashions that every woman succumbed to from corsets to long bloomers without a second thought. With each major war, our hemlines got shorter until the miniskirt was invented in the 1960’s and there was no turning back. Now, not only do designers come up with new ideas each season but regular people like you and I can create our own styles and guess what? Designers are now listening to us.

Today, new trends can start from anywhere. Street style bloggers fork in a legitimate income and when top designers are brainstorming new ideas, they always consider what the public wants to wear and how we have worn it in the past. We can create our own pieces, personalize our own clothing without hesitation, and self-expression isn’t just allowed anymore, it’s celebrated. Tattoos are more common than ever, piercings and colorful hair are no longer just for outcasts, and individualism and creativity are embraced instead of stifled. Regardless of if you want to wear yoga pants all day or a sequinned dress with neon purple hair, the choice is yours and you will be mutually accepted either way.

We’ve come a long way in the past hundred years.


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The Future Is In The Past

For the past several decades, feminism has played a major role in woman’s fashion. Coco Chanel broke the mold when she created luxe clothing from knits, blurring the lines between comfort and style. We created pantsuits as women entered the workplace, broke free from our mandatory dresses, and began experimenting more and more with silhouettes. As you look back through history, our most masculine silhouettes came from eras when feminism were moving forward in a big way. I predict that as our rights are more respected, women and designers will start to experiment more and more with high-waisted silhouettes, more feminine finishes, and softer color palettes. We are already seeing this begin and I predict it will only continue.


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Overall, we’ve come a long way and I think it will will only get better.

I love playing a small part in this crazy industry and the opportunity this little blog has given me to be creative, share ideas, and connect with each of you. Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to talk with you next time.

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Paisley Blue Skort Jumpsuit. The perfect summer outfit idea

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