Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to stay under the covers, watch a movie, drink your coffee and keep a blanket over you all day long? Well, then you are going to love today’s DIY because we’ll be making a pretty little draped jacket (without ever picking up a needle and thread) in less time than it takes to finish your cup of coffee.

Make a no sew blanket jacket in under 20 minutes

This plaid jacket is an awesome layering piece since you can wear whatever you’d like underneath and it will still fit correctly. Add a belt and you’ve instantly got a tailored, flattering, and oh-so-comfortable jacket that took you less than 20 minutes to make.

Are you ready?

Trust me… this tutorial is crazy-simple. If you have never in your life completed a Pinterest project and you don’t own a needle, you’ll still be able to make this jacket. Why you ask? Well my dear, to make this perfectly cozy little number, there is absolutely no sewing required.

Make this no sew blanket jacket in under 20 minutes

So without further ado, let’s dive in…….

Make an easy no sew blanket jacket in under 20 minutes

How to Make The 20 Minute Jacket:

Make a plaid blanket jacket tutorial

To complete this project, you will need some cozy plaid fabric (I’ll be using some wool fabric with a fuzzy, soft backing. It feels plush on the inside and looks cute on the outside) cut to 1 1/2 yards. Below, I’ve attached some handy fabric choices from Amazon to save you time waiting in a craft store:

Make a plaid blanket jacket

After you have picked out your fabric, fold it in half (hot dog style) to make a long rectangular shape.  Next, fold it in half again (hamburger style) to  find the middle of your fabric.

Make a winter plaid blanket jacket in under 20 minutes

The folded, middle-section of your fabric is going to be the opening for your neck, so cut a small, half-U shape out to create a hole for your head.

Make a cozy plaid blanket jacket in under 20 minutes

You are almost done. Are you ready?

Next, cut a line down the fold through one piece of the folded fabric. Your fabric should look like the picture above.

How to Make this plaid blanket jacket in under 20 minutes

Unfold your fabric to reveal a rectangular, open-front jacket. To give it some shape and tailoring, just cut two 3″ slits through both pieces of fabric on either side of your waist and slide a belt through.

When you put it on, you should have something like this:

Make a plaid jacket in under 20 minutes

I know it’s a super-cheesy photo, but here you can see the shape of the belted jacket more clearly and get an idea of where to place your 3″ holes to slide your belt through.

I love how this jacket feels like a cozy blanket that is socially acceptable to wear in public. Plus, since you can make these in less than 20 minutes, it’s easy to build a little collection in different prints, fabrics, and styles.

Make a no-sew plaid jacket in under 20 minutes

Thank you so much for checking out this little DIY! If you liked it, be sure to read my Stenciled Sweater Refashion and this Button-Down to Minidress Refashion.

 Let me know what you think or if you have any questions below in the comments!

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Make a no-sew plaid belted jacket in under 20 minutesMake a no-sew plaid blanket jacket in under 20 minutesMake a no-sew plaid winter jacket in under 20 minutes

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