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I love a good pair of jogger pants. Who doesn’t love a piece that can literally take you from the gym all the way through dinner with friends? I love the casual look, but also think they can be so fun when they’re dressed up with heels, a leather jacket and a sexy shirt. There’s something fun and unexpected about dressing them up that always catches my eye. Plus, joggers are ridiculously comfortable.

So, today I thought I’d share this super-simple tutorial on how to turn any pair of sweats (especially those that are too short) into cute, versatile joggers.

Make Joggers From Sweatpants

We’re really just going to switch up the bottom of your pants so have no fear, the process is pretty simple and I’ll be sure to include lots of photos….

First, you’ll need to find your pants. These yoga pants are so comfortable and I love the fabric, but I almost never wear them because as you can see in the picture above, they’re a bit too short. Up until now they have pretty much been saved exclusively for laundry days.

DIY Turn Sweats into Cute Joggers

So, first you are going to lay your pants out and cut the hem off. From there, measure 6 inches from the bottom and cut that off of each leg too. I like to use a big grid ruler to be sure my lines are straight but you can use whatever you’d like as long as it’s even.

How to make jogger pants

This 6 inch section is going to become the cuff at the bottom of our new pant-leg. Since we want it to be smaller, go ahead and chop off another 2-3 inches from it’s width.

Now unfold your piece of fabric and pin the shorter edges together. You’ll be folding the fabric “hamburger style” if that helps. Believe it or not, you’re almost done….

Sew your short edge of the fabric piece together. I use a serger, but a zigzag stitch on a regular sewing machine will work also. Don’t use a straight/ standard stitch or your fabric wont stretch and you’ll never get your new pants on!

Next, fold your tube of fabric in half so it looks like this:

Tip: This last step you’ll want to be more precise and be sure each fabric and gathering at the cuff is even.

Place four pins in equal parts of the pant leg all the way around. By setting the cuff on the inside of the pant leg, you’ll have a much easier time sewing it. Be sure your pants are inside out so the new seam will be on the right side when you’re done.

Run your fabric through the sewing machine one last time all the way around and repeat the process on the other leg. Slip on your new pants and enjoy!

DIY Joggers

DIY Joggers

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