Every year, my husband always goes above and beyond and gives the most incredible birthday / Valentine’s Day / Anniversary gifts. He really never expects much in return and while my gifts are usually less extravagant, they are always pretty thoughtful. When I’ve succeeded, I bring him to happy-tears. This past week was Jon’s birthday and the kids made the most incredible, personalized book from Luhvee Books.

Custom I Love My Daddy Book

We’ve made yearly digital scrapbooks from local photo centers (or at least tried to keep up on them) but I didn’t know books this cute were even an option! Each page features a thought-provoking quote for the kids to answer or a place to drag and drop an image. My eight year old’s had so much fun picking which photos to include (the one of their little sister passed out on a pile of legos had to be showcased) and the answers from the kids were priceless.

Luhvee Personalized Books for Dad

I had no idea Milo thought of her dad every time she smelled chlorine and sand and no idea the kid’s favorite tie of his was the one with purple flowers on it. Their answers were sometimes so unexpected and interesting in ways I never could have come up with on my own. Even my two year old had input when we asked her questions. Each of them was involved in making it. By the time we were done putting it together online, I knew we had made something really special.

Zoe Reading Luhvee BooksToddler Made Daddy Books

The process was really very simple. Overall, it took about an hour and a half to answer all the writing prompts and attach the photos…. but we also used the opportunity to peruse our older family photos which took awhile longer. I can’t believe how much Zoe looks like Harper and I can’t believe how tiny Boston was! Our little family really has come a long way and it’s bitter-sweet to see how much the kids have grown.

Within just a few days our custom book was delivered and the kids were so excited to present it to Jon the morning of his birthday. I’m so glad we did this little project together and thank you so much Luhvee Books for creating it!

Bound Books with Quotes from your kids

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Thank you Luhvee Books for sponsoring this post!

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