Kinx Sweat Proof Eyeliner review

Hello ladies!

I really hope your day was less chaotic than mine. Really. I held a get together at my house and it has been so hot here in Utah, my poor swamp cooler just couldn’t keep up. Everyone left sweaty and I was lucky my makeup wasn’t pouring down my face by the end. Really. There was no amount of mimosas that could fix it…but believe me, we tried.

While mascara is usually the main culprit of beauty mishaps like this, I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for the past four years so I don’t have to worry there anymore. My problem has always been with eyeliner……

You know that feeling when you meticulously put eyeliner on your waterline only to find it in the corner of your eye an hour later, doing it’s best impersonation  of a massive, dark, eye-booger? Not sexy.

Why does nobody tell you when this happens?

Kinx Eyeliner reviews

Regardless, today I lucked out because I was trying a out a brand new product that I think you guys will love, KINX eyeliners. These cosmetics aren’t your regular drugstore makeup brand. They are actually built to withstand heavy, intensive, sweaty workouts and stay put. They are perfect for hot summer days, cardio workouts, active afternoons, long hikes, or anytime your being tested by the elements. They don’t smudge, smear, or melt…. yet also come off surprisingly easy with makeup remover.

The best part? KINX cream eyeliner is the perfect brightener for your worst of sleep-deprived days. Just apply it to your waterline and the inside corners of the eye to open, brighten, and visually make your eyes appear larger.

Can you tell I’m loving this stuff lately?

So why not make it even better and let you guys try it out for free?

How about a GIVEAWAY!

KINX Giveaway Rules:

The rules are super-simple. Just Follow Me On Instagram HERE

Then Follow KINX on Instagram HERE

Let me know when you’ve done it in the comments below and you’re done!

I’ll be selecting a winner at random at the end of the month and you will receive the TriFecta Combo from KINX, which has all 3 awesome eyeliner colors, their deep facial cleansing wipes, and a slim waist pack to store it all in. That’s a retail value of $35.00

So get to it! Again, I’ll be announcing the winner on the 31st here and on my social media channels.

Shop KINX here

Kinx Sweat Proof Cosmetics

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