What to pack in a child's toolbox

Kid Craft: Make a Child’s ToolBox

I consider myself to have been a very lucky child. I was born to a dad who insisted that I could be and accomplish anything I set my mind to and a mom who had no patience for procrastinating on your goals. Now I joke that I am usually the “Professional Nail-Holder” in my family and […] Read more…

Plum Perfect Beauty Review

Use This App and Skip The Department Store Trip

I’m always trying to find new ways to make my day run smoother and save just a little time. After all, if given the option to unwind with my husband and play with my kids or do something tedious that needs doing, I REALLY want the option to unwind and play ya know? I love testing […] Read more…

DIY Huge Paper Wreath

DIY Statement Dahlia Paper Wreath

Normally I’m not a wreath-collecting girl, but lately I’ve really been wanting a huge statement wreath to fill the large, empty space above my mantel, but they were either too gaudy and old-fashioned or WAY too expensive. So, naturally, I made one. This wreath is about 36 inches in diameter and a huge statement piece.The […] Read more…

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