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Lace Up Boho Shoe Refashion Full DIY Tutorial

My personal style always leans a little more bohemian as the weather warms. This week, I’ll be giving some black suede shoes a total boho makeover with a step by step shoe refashion. I love the lace up detail and the pop of color with the tassels.

This DIY is ridiculously simple and adds a little whimsy and burst of color to a dark, winter closet.

For this shoe refashion DIY, I used some plain black wedge heels that were just taking up space in my closet before. Any color or finish of shoe will work, but keep in mind that this tutorial will be slightly more difficult if the shoes are lined with netted fabric.

Shoe Makeover. Fashion DIY Lace Up Boho Tassel Heels

Shoe Refashion Supplies:

  1. Plain heels
  2. A Leather Hole Punch. I have had this one for years and love it: Heavy-Duty Leather Hole Punch Tool, 2.0 – 4.5 mm
  3. 2 yards of Deerskin Cord
  4. Embroidery thread of your choice
  5. Scissors
  6. Business card (to use as a tassel template)

If you don’t have these supplies on hand, they are also available here on Amazon:

Shoe Makeover. Fashion DIY Lace Up Boho Heels

DIY Lace Up Suede Shoe Refashion

Step 1: Punch Holes

Punch holes around each shoe opening. I measured 3″ from the back seam to the first hole and then punched holes every 1 1/2 inches until I came to the center front of the shoe opening.

DIY Fashion Lace Up Leather Shoe Refashion

Step 2: Cut Leather Cording

Cut your deerskin leather cording in half to create two long, equal sections.

DIY Fashion Lace Up Boho Shoe Refashion

Step 3: Lace Leather Through Holes

Starting at the center front of your heel, pull your leather cord half way through. From there, continue lacing the cord all the way up the front of your shoe, crossing back and forth to create a uniform pattern.

DIY Lace Up Shoe Makeover

Step 4: Make Tassels and Attach

Following my simple instructions from an earlier blog post HERE, create tassels for your shoes using embroidery thread and a business card.  If you want a longer tassel, wrap your thread length-wise around your business card rather than width-wise.

DIY Fashion Lace Up Boho Shoe Refashion Full Tutorial

Now you are done! I hope you love your new shoes and let me know what you thought of this tutorial in the comments below!

DIY Boho Shoe Refashion Full Tutorial DIY Shoe Refashion Full Tutorial Add Lace Up Tassels to Your Old Heels

How I Wear Them:

I love styling these shoes with my little paisley dress from and a few of my favorite accessories. If you haven’t checked out Shein yet, you should. There are tons of great clothes that won’t break the bank.

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