Casual jewel tone spring outfit idea

When I was little, I was always experimenting with how things made me feel. I’d stand on top of my kitchen counter tops to gain a new perspective, pile my sisters Clinique makeup on to feel more glamorous, and even stapled my first dress together for a solo I was performing in kindergarten. Today, I still love how my mood is instantly elevated when I slip on a great pair of high heels, or how well-done makeup gives you more confidence and energy, and don’t get me started on a new dress…. The point is, when you are always gathering new experiences and dressing based on your own gut feelings, I think creating your own style comes a lot easier.

Today, not a lot has changed really. I’m still stapling and gluing little fashion DIY ideas together- some things never change. In today’s outfit, it came in the form of this DIY Kitchen Placemat Clutch and this handmade silk kimono. I haven’t created a tutorial for this kimono just yet. But would you guys like one? Part of me feels like there are just so many out there already….

DIY Fringe Bag. Make this incredible boho bag yourself from a kitchen placematCasual boho spring outfit ideas

Buying and making jewelry has always been a sentimental experience for me. I love gathering pieces from places I’ve been and creating something truly unique. I also love buying from a cause I support or artist I love and respect. When I look at my jewelry collection each day, I’m reminded of the amazing people I’ve met, things I’ve done, and places I’ve traveled. This necklace in particular is one of my favorite. The chain was found at my husbands old house before it was sold and the pendant was an incredible buy at the Pike’s Place Farmers Market when we visited Seattle a few years back.

Since you can’t exactly buy this necklace, here are a few similiar ones:

casual spring blogger outfit idea

As for the rest of this look, it’s pretty basic. I love these high rise jeans by They make extended inseams that actually fit my skinny legs! I’ve been getting my jeans there since high school and truly, have never had to make a return or been unhappy with the fit.

DIY Fringe Bag. Make this incredible boho bag from a kitchen placematcasual spring outfit idea

Casual boho spring outfit idea

Until next time, I wish you a week of happiness, productivity, and creativity!




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