Can you believe my oldest turned nine this week?

Boston's face

I can’t. Boston is already almost as tall as me and is so full of personality. It blows my mind to think that there was ever a time he fit inside my belly.

So to celebrate the big day, after school I took him to his very first movie premier to see the release of The Stray, by Purdie Distribution. It’s a true story about a man who is struck by lightening and is saved by a stray dog. Since Boston has such a love for the two canines in our family, I thought it would be the perfect fit.

The stray movie premier

Before the show began, Boston was able to meet and pet the dog in the film, freeze up on the red carpet, and get a giant ice cream cup before we took our seats.

The Stray Movie

He was literally star-struck to see the actors and actresses after the screening stand up for an applause and so confused when images of the real family and real dog appeared during the credits…. and were sitting right behind us.

The movie had some emotional scenes that left Boston choked up and hugging me, which I loved. Right now, he’s at an age where he will wipe off my kisses when I leave (I prefer to think of it as “rubbing them in”) and cringe when I scream “I love you!!!” at the school drop off. Being able to snuggle up with him during the show was priceless.

The Stray Movie opening night

So if you find yourself wanting to snuggle up with your gigantic nine year old like me, The Stray released in 600 theaters across the country this weekend!


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